TRUST Clinic - Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless

The TRUST Clinic of Alameda County's Health Care for the Homeless is a developing integrated care clinic aimed at serving a diverse and primarily African-American, ultra low-income, and homeless or at risk of homelessness patient population located in downtown Oakland.  The clinic is a dynamic collaboration between several county agencies, including Healthcare Services Agency, Behavioral Health Care Services, and Social Services Agency, designed to foster interagency collaboration and integration while supporting chronically disabled individuals with housing, mental and medical health treatment, and federal disability approval.  In addition to primary mood and psychotic disorders, the clinic serves a group of patients with multi-generation trauma histories and subsequent substance use disorders. Patients are enrolled in a a primary medical service for their lifetimes, and those requiring higher mental health needs may be temporarily transferred to a closely associated or co-located specialty mental health service.

The clinic is whole-person care and recovery oriented and offers opportunities to work with a hugely underserved patient population. As it is in its early stages and actively developing, there are ample opportunities for involvement with development of clinic programs and services.  As the clinic has close relationships with county leadership at many levels, the experience could provide access to these individuals and meetings depending on interest.  The clinic is easily accessible by BART. 

Please note: You are only required to commute to San Francisco and be present at ZSFG for Didactics on Wednesdays, and.the remainder of your work week will be spent at the TRUST Clinic in Alameda County. For those open to living in the East Bay, this might make the TRUST Clinic an appealing option.

Contact: (510) 981-4100