Haight Ashbury Free Clinic / HealthRIGHT360

Haight Ashbury Free Clinic (HAFC) was founded in 1967 and has been operating continuously since then.  Since its inception HAFC has offered primary care, drug-related treatments and mental health / psychiatric services.  In 2011 HAFC merged with Walden House (a large provider of residential dual-diagnosis and reentry programs in San Francisco), leading to the creation of HealthRight360 (HR360) which is now one of the largest nonprofit social service providers in California (with programs and facilities in the SF Bay Area and Southern California). 

HR360 designs and manages innovative, comprehensive and high quality programs to meet the complex and diverse needs of the most vulnerable members of our communities. 

The mission of HAFC has always been, and continues to be as part of HR360, to offer an array of services to underserved and marginalized individuals.  Our clinic’s highly integrated care model includes primary medical care, mental health and psychiatry, and addiction medicine treatments for adults and young people.  Haight Ashbury Free Clinic is one of the five FQHC’s that HR360 operates in San Francisco. 

When you join our team at HAFC/HR360, you will have an opportunity to participate in numerous aspects of integrated care:  integration within our clinic (among primary care, mental health, and addiction medicine), and integration within the entire agency of  HR360 (close collaboration with the dual-diagnosis residential programs, with our Outpatient Program, and with our Resource Center which offers an array of services to our patients to help them with housing, vocational, and educational needs).    You will have opportunities to work with people with various sorts of addictions as well as formerly incarcerated individuals, who make up a substantial part of the residents of one of the Walden House facilities, and who have particular medical and psychiatric needs.  You will also have an opportunity to work with transgender individuals who are residents at Walden House residential programs.