Mini PPF

The UCSF Mini Public Psychiatry Fellowship (PPF) at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital is funded by a grant from the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development. The mission of the Mini PPF is to build community among public psychiatrists currently working in a public system by providing mentorship to support them as emerging leaders in the public mental health care system.  Future leaders from Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services and San Francisco Health Network Behavioral Services will be invited to participate in a 2-year fellowship that will involve engagement in activities to build individual quality improvement and other evaluation projects while promoting a greater sense of professional community among the fellows. 

Fellows will participate in the following:

  • Twice a year (Spring and Fall) Mini PPF leadership conference.
  • Group mentoring with their medical director on a quarterly basis.
  • Individual mentoring with a selected leader within the County on a quarterly basis.
  • Monthly peer supervision lunches with other fellows in the Mini PPF   
  • Each fellow will conduct a quality improvement project to complete over the course of 24 months.


The Mini PPF will address common challenges with retaining psychiatrists working in the public mental health care system, specifically: 1) lack of leadership opportunities; 2) lack of community; 3) lack of mentorship; and 4) burnout. The Mini PPF will focus on the following:

  1. Leadership opportunity. The Medical Director from two large Public Mental Health Care systems in the San Francisco Bay Area will select fellows to participate in this exciting leadership opportunity. There are over 200 psychiatrists working in these systems of care. Ten psychiatrists will be invited to be part of a class over the course of two years. Through workshops and formal mentorship (described below), these participants will develop and complete a quality improvement (QI) project over the course of the two years.
  2. Building community: We plan to build community through mentorship and group activities. The mentorship is described in detail below, including group mentorship activities. In addition, Mini PPF participants will be invited to participate in day-long intensive workshops (one in Spring; one in Fall) that are built from the UCSF Public Psychiatry Fellowship curriculum, and tailored to the desires/needs of participants. These workshops will focus on development of their QI project.  Participants of the Mini PPF will also be invited to attend the PPF fellowship didactics and activities during the year.
  3. Mentorship: Each psychiatrist who participates in the mini-fellowship will receive three types of mentorship: 1) administrative psychiatry mentorship (group), 2) peer mentorship (group), and 3) individual mentorship. In these group administrative mentorship meetings, fellows will learn from their medical director about their system of care, administrative struggles, and leveraging resources. Peer mentorship lunches will occur 10 times a year and will focus on one of the participants and their project that month. Individual mentorship will be tailored to the needs of the participant throughout the year.
  4. Burnout: In addition to discussing burnout during mentorship, one of the workshops will include evidence-based sessions on self-care training to reduce fatigue and burnout.


UCSF has pre-existing partnerships with San Francisco Health Network and Alameda County.  These counties will assist the Mini PPF by selecting 5 current psychiatry leaders suitable for the program.