Prior Capstone Projects

The UCSF Public Psychiatry Fellowship is dedicated to partnering with its community mental health partners to conduct studies that are aligned with their values and needs.  Below are examples of some of the studies we have done over the course of the fellowship.


  1.  Service Utilization in an HIV and LGBTQ Community Mental Health Clinic
  2.  Carrying Out A Quality Improvement Initiative During A Public Psychiatry Fellowship: Challenges and Lessons Learned



  1. Evaluation of Patient Factors and Strategies to Improve Linkage Between Outpatient and Inpatient Psychiatric Services
  2. Utilization of Acupuncture Treatment in Different Populations in an Outpatient Community Mental Health Clinic
  3. Towards a Greater Understanding of How to Promote Recovery: A Study of Patient Satisfaction with Crisis Psychiatric Service



  1. Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Adult ADHD within San Francisco County Mental Health



  1. Implementing a PTSD Screening Instrument in a Community Health Center that Serves People Experiencing Homelessness
  2. Exploring Sedative-Hypnotic Prescribing in a Community Mental Health Clinic
  3. Developing a Protocol to Continue Psychiatric Medications for the Newly Incarcerated Population in San Francisco County Jail
  4. ACCESS-SMI: Advancing Collaborative Care to Ensure Systematic Screening in Severe Mental Illness
  5. "Doctor, I am a Smoker. Can we talk?" Prompting Psychiatrists to Engage in a Conversation about Smoking Cessation among People with Severe Mental Illness



  1. Examining Initial Assessment No Show Rates for Patients with Severe Mental Illness
  2. Developing Mobile Buprenorphine Treatment for Homeless Patients with Opioid Use Disorder
  3. Examining Feasibility and Acceptability of Health Worker Support of Psychiatrists in Safety Net Settings
  4. Expanding the Scope of Practice for Psychiatrists to Include Buprenorphine Treatment
  5. Recovery-Oriented Outcomes Associated with Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics



  1. "You guys can help other families, but mine's different": Clinican and Family Factors Associated with Engagement in Wraparound Services
  2. Examing the Referral Process for an Occupational Therapy and Vocational Training Program for Youth with Mental Health Needs
  3. Pilot Outcomes from a Harm-Reduction Street Psychiatry Buprenorphine treatment Program
  4. Preliminary Outcomes from a Telepsychiatry Maternal Mental Health Program



  1. Bring It Up- Outcomes from a pilot, adapted collaborative care model for depression in a safety-net, primary care clinic
  2. Service utilization among people with suicidality seen by an urban mobile crisis team
  3. Understanding the barriers and facilitators of Medication-Assisted Treatment implementation in San Mateo County Correctional Health
  4. Workflow solutions to improve interdisciplinary collaboration and satisfaction in mental health urgent care



  1. Individual-level factors influencing depression screening in the San Francisco Bay Area
  2. Examining potential safety concerns secondary to deficits in system integration in a public specialty mental health clinic
  3. Best Practices for Implementation of Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Clinics in Latinx Communities
  4. Transitions from primary care to specialty mental health: Understanding characteristics of successful referrals in the public mental health system
  5. Child maltreatment reports in San Francisco before and during the COVID-19 pandemic



  1. Addressing Barriers to Perinatal Mental Health Care in Safety Net Settings: A Feasibility Pilot Study
  2. Mental Health Treatment for Parents in the Child Welfare System and Family Reunification
  3. Buprenorphine prescription patterns in a county correctional facility: patient population and post-release outcomes
  4. Examining barriers and facilitators in the use of long-acting injectable opioid use disorder medication in street health



  1. Examining practices for screening and treating co-occuring substance use disorders and serious mental illness in a public specialty mental health clinic
  2. Advancing Diversity at San Francisco Department of Public Health Behavioral Health Services
  3. Addressing Substance Use Disorders in an Intensive Case Management Setting
  4. Improving Medication Treatment for Substance Use Disorders (SUD) in SFDPH BHS Clinics



  1. Competencies for Global Mental Health: Developing Training Objectives for a Post-Graduate Fellowship for Psychiatrists
  2. Descriptive Analysis of a Novel Health Care Approach: Reverse Colocation—Primary Care in a Community Mental Health “Home”
  3. Frontline Report: A Mobile Buprenorphine Treatment Program for Homeless Patients wtih Opioid Use Disorder
  4. Recovery-Oriented Outcomes Associated wtih Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics in an Urban Safety-Net Population
  5. Recommendations to Improve Medication-Assisted Treatment Implementation in Correctional Health