Other Programs


The UCSF PPF at SFDPH is a variant of the Public Psychiatry Fellowship. In this track, Fellows are early career psychiatrists employed full time by the SFDPH’s Behavioral Health Services Division. They are not registered as UCSF trainees. They work 80% time in their assigned clinical location and spend one day per week with the Fellowship attending the weekly curriculum and completing a capstone project. They are also given wider latitude with some of the academic work of the curriculum. *This program is not offered every year, as it depends upon position availability at SFDPH. 


This track also involves early career psychiatrists who are employed by DPH and meet quarterly over the course of two years with a focus on administrative and leadership training. Participants are recommended by Behavioral Services leadership. The track provides future leaders from Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services and SFHN-BHS the opportunity to participate in quarterly leadership conferences, receive group mentoring with their county medical directors and attend monthly peer supervision lunches to foster support among the group. These clinicians also work on a quality improvement project within their clinical sites.