Salary & Benefits

Term of Fellowship

UCSF Public Psychiatry Fellowship will serve one-year terms (July 1 – June 30). Salary will vary depending on trainee type; all trainees will receive full benefits including health care, vacation and educational leave:


Trainee type

UCSF Status

Annual Salary

PGY-5 UCSF fellow

HS Clinical Instructor


PGY-4 UCSF fast-track fellow

Resident Physician


PGY-4 San Mateo fast-track fellow

Visiting Housestaff

employed by San Mateo

Early career psychiatrist

Volunteer Clinical Faculty

employed by site (e.g., SFDPH)


Given the cost of living in San Francisco Bay Area, fellows will receive a $1800 relocation bonus. Also, for working in the public sector, DEA license renewal fees are waived during the fellowship term. Fellows will also be eligible to earn additional compensation for providing evening/weekend coverage in the psychiatric emergency room at the ZSFG. 


Additional Benefits

As per the Research Overview, one of the unique aspects of the UCSF Public Psychiatry Fellowship at ZSFG is the access to a research assistant for six hours a week.  This person will help you with all aspects of your study from study design to data collection to preparation of your poster.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn how to supervise someone through this experience.

Loan Repayment fellows are actively directed to medical loan repayment programs in California such as, Steven M. Thompson Physician Corps Loan Repayment

Health Professions Education Foundation:

Mental Health Loan Assumption Program:

National Institutes of Health - Division of Loan Repayment:



UCSF Benefits